About the CCJHL


    The CCJHL is a Christian Junior  "non-contact" Hockey League based out of the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area. Its enrollnment is predominantly Boys and Girls ages 6 through 19 from families in good standing within their local Christian Church Community. Although all players with Christian Church ties are welcome to enroll, the total compliance with the rules/regulations is a priority and first and foremost in upholding the integrity of the League and its purpose.  

    That purpose is to provide an enviroment of Fun and Fellowship while learning the game of Hockey. Its focus is on sportsmanship,skill development and fairplay regardless of ability or experience.

   Practices and Games are designed to allow all players to develop their basic skating,shooting,stickhandling and game skills and how to become "Team players" on and off the ice.

  We follow all current Minor Hockey Rules with the addition of several others for the intent of providing a Christian Enviroment where Respect,Patience,Self Control and Positive Attitude are considered as or more important than Goals,Assists,Wins and Awards.

   There is no "I" in the word TEAM.... Team Success is a group effort and as Hockey is a team sport all those contributing to it have success.Our Coaches and Parents are all expected to promote equal ice time,balanced teaching and to assist each other in creating a Christian enviroment on the Ice, in the dressing rooms and stands.